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an illustration of a flower

About me

Maayan, a woman wearing red jumper and light jeans, is sitting in a field of poppies drawing with watercolours

I am a freelance  illustrator based in London with a unique capability of capturing the essence of place and time through intimate and authentic illustrations. I specialise in watercolour painting while incorporating different mediums into my work. 


I am a self taught illustrator, making my first steps in the art world while training myself and exploring new parts of the profession. My biggest inspiration comes from the world around me- everyday life and the relationships that shape my days, and the views I get to see while travelling, or just outside my door.


As an artist I am drawn to authentic and genuine moments. This is something that I strive to achieve and emphasise through my illustrations, whether they are based on my own experiences or made as commissioned work for a client. 


I am currently available for both individual and business commissions, as well as children’s book illustrations. 

If you have something in mind or want to hear more please get in touch with me via email

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