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Capturing moments to remember

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Illustration of a flower


Life: illustrated

Drawing every day for 365, creating a visual diary of a year in my life and improving my ability to capture unique moments through drawings.

a watercolour drawing of a woman sitting on a sofa mending a piece of clothing, her sewing kit is laying near her.

The Magical Creature

Book Illustrations, commemorating my beloved grandma and her work as a teacher and a storyteller.

Children holding the book "the magical creature". The cover shows a pink fluffy creature hiding inside a bicycle basket.

Artist on the road

Capturing nature and creating an everlasting personal memory of a place and time.

Watercolour painting of a river and mountains held against the view in Odda, Norway.

Surrey Life

My plein-air painting, published in Surrey Life Magazine.

Maayan holding Surrey Life Magazine, showcasing her illustration on the Art and Culture cover

I love creating unique and personal paintings!

Maayan illustrated ten beautiful portraits for our wedding in September 2022 and we were so happy with the artwork! 
- Erika A.
Illustration of a flower

About me

Maayan, a woman wearing red jumper and light jeans, is sitting in a field of poppies drawing with watercolours

I am a freelance  illustrator based in London with a unique capability of capturing the essence of place and time through intimate and authentic illustrations. I specialise in watercolour painting while incorporating different mediums into my work. 

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